Notre Dame Des Secours - VISITORS - - General Information

General Information

It is highly encouraged to visit patients, as this may have a beneficial role in their recovery provided that visits occur under proper conditions. The health of NDS patients is our concern and we kindly ask all visitors to cooperate with us for the better good of all parties involved. 

Rules to uphold during your visit

  • wash your hands upon entering and leaving the room, preferably using the alcohol-based solutions put at your disposal
  • avoid touching medical and healthcare equipment
  • do not sit on the patient’s bed or lay any objects on it
  • do not bring any flowers or plants, as the soil or water in vases contains many germs
  • visits should be of short duration and limited to a few people at any given time
  • avoid loud conversations
  • turn off your mobile phones
  • keep the premises clean. 

Admitting, Welcome and Social offices

The Admitting, Welcome and Social offices are located at the hospital entrance in order to help patients and their families complete their administrative formalities, keep them properly informed as needed, and respect the confidentiality and privacy of information.

Several wheelchairs are put at the disposal of the welcome staff and in the ER. 

Schedule of visits

  • Hospitalization departments:

    • From 10h00  to 12h00 
    • From 15h00  to 19h00 
  • For intensive care departments

    • From 11h30  to 12h00
    • From 16h30  to 17h00