Notre Dame Des Secours - Chunds - - About

  • Mission

    NDS is a non-profit teaching hospital with a Christian vocation, which is committed to providing the community with the best health and support services to the benefit of patients and their loved ones by adopting established international standards in terms of care, training, and research. 

  • Vision

    NDS aims to become in 2022 the reference healthcare facility in Lebanon and the region, one that enjoys a spotless scientific, academic and ethical reputation. 


Fundamental values

  • Compassion

    Providing the best care to all human beings in keeping with the teaching of the Church while demonstrating sensitivity and empathy. 


  • Ethics

    Respecting patients, their families, and the team, and upholding dignity and equality. 

  • Integrity

    Abiding by the highest standards of professional competence and responsibility.

  • Transperancy

    Communicating openly and faithfully within the team as well as with patients, their families, and the broader community. 

  • Excellence

    Upholding dynamism and innovation centered on the quality of the services provided. 

  • Cohesion

    Abiding by a spirit of collaboration and transfer of professional knowledge, expertise, and partnerships. 

  • Fulfillment

    Offering an optimal professional environment under the aegis of responsible and participative governance.