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The Nephrology service at NDS provides patients with acute or chronic renal diseases with prevention, diagnosis, and therapy throughout their care pathway through hospitalizations, nephrology consultations, peritoneal dialysis, and hemodialysis.

Ever since its establishment in 1983, the Hemodialysis Center underwent several renovations and the number of chronic dialysis stations reached fifteen stations compared to seven stations for acute dialysis in various ICUs. Dialysis machines are being regularly renewed.

The Center is located on the B1 level in Building E and patients have an easy access to the parking lot. Chronic sessions are held from Monday to Saturday between 07:00 and 17:00, and acute sessions are held 24/24, providing the patient with three weekly sessions of four to five hours each.

The service’s multidisciplinary team is composed of expert nephrologists, residents, interns, nurses, and orderlies, in addition to a secretary and a spiritual support professional. They work in close collaboration with the Vascular Surgery Department, interventional radiology, pharmacists, dietitians, and psychologists in order to provide all elements allowing our patients to enjoy safe and personalized care and a better quality of life.