Notre Dame Des Secours - Chunds - - Accreditation and Quality

In the quest for excellence, the CHUNDS strives to provide high-quality services to the nearby communities, while taking into consideration national and international requirements for hospital accreditation.

With this in mind, CHUNDS set up a quality management system in 2017, based on the ISO 9001-2015 standard recommendations, and those of the Lebanese accreditation and of the health international standards.

Under this objective, the CHUNDS listens carefully to its patients, visitors, physicians and employees.

In order to contribute to this continuous improvement project, you are kindly requested to fill out the satisfaction evaluation forms, referring to the section "PATIENTS" / "YOUR OPINION".

Complaints and suggestions from patients


  • allow anyone (patient, visitor or other) to voice their discontent and give their opinion in order to improve services or warn against an existing or potential threat.
  • find means to improve patient care and the quality and security of services.


Each person within NDS is entitled to express their opinion regarding another person or a service offered, or to draw attention to a threat. This calls for filling in a form.

Various types of forms are used to assess patient satisfaction:

  • satisfaction questionnaire for patients EN-QS-036: 
  • satisfaction questionnaire for hospitalized patients EN-QS-007
  • good treatment questionnaire for patients EN-QS-047.
  • satisfaction questionnaire for patients in the Endoscopy Department EN-QS-048.
  • satisfaction questionnaire for patients in the ER EN-QS-049.
  • satisfaction questionnaire for patients in Medical Imagery and Laboratories EN-QS-050.
  • satisfaction questionnaire for the parents of newborns in Neonatology EN-QS-051.
  • satisfaction questionnaire for patients in the Polyclinics EN-QS-034.
  • complaint/Suggestion/Hazard alert form EN-QS-052.
  • complaint record EN-QS-009.


  • the filled in forms are put in the boxes located in the various departments.
  • in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate intervention, the form may be directly submitted to the Quality Office.
  • the Quality Office follows up on complaints of all types.
  • the Quality Office employee fills in the complaints register.
  • the Quality Office employee sends the complaints received to the concerned divisions and departments and asks for explanations or for due action to be taken.
  • the Quality Office will call the claimer in order to obtain additional information.
  • once the complaints are answered, the register is completed and quality improvement will have come full circle.
  • the patient receives an answer to their complaints.
  • if the patient expresses thanks, they shall receive a thank-you phone call.
  • all complaints requiring remedial action are recorded in the register.
  • each complaint is sent to the concerned director and to the general director.
  • bi-monthly reports of complaints and suggestions are drafted and sent to the General Administration.
  • annual analyses are held and constitute an important means of improving patients’ quality and safety.