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Your Stay

The care team

  • caregivers receive patient and respect their identity, dignity, environment, and culture
  • a care project is established between caregivers and the patient, seeking with them their independence, consent, and participation, to meet their health information and security needs
  • the healthcare team is led by a healthcare professional who is your contact for any problem or requests you may have.
  • in hospital departments, nurses work in close collaboration with physicians and provide care in compliance with the rules of professional conduct
  • orderlies are in charge of hygiene and comfort care
  • hospital service workers ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your environment and hospital premises
  • trainee paramedics will help to provide you with the care you need under the supervision and responsibility of experienced professionals
  • in order to facilitate the identification of the hospital staff you can work with, each professional carries an identification badge with his or her name and function.

The Administrative Team

The administrative team is at your disposal to settle any administrative or financial issue. 

The Dietetics and Nutrition Department

The Dietetics and Nutrition Department offers you a balanced diet with menus developed by qualified dietitians and a diet adapted to your needs.

Meals are served as follows:

  • 07:30 a.m.: Breakfast
  • As of 12:30 p.m.: Lunch
  • As of 05:00 p.m.: Dinner

The dietitian will take your order every day for the following meal. Food is prepared by the dietetics and nutrition team to help provide you with nutritional balance.

The dishes are in keeping with the diet prescribed by the physician and with your avowed taste and religious convictions. 

Visiting hours

Visits are allowed from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 every day of the week.

Visiting hours in the ICU, CCU and CSU are from 11:00 to 11:30 and from 16:00 to 16:30, every day of the week

The Admission Interview–Support Person 

The admission interview is performed by the medical staff on the day you are admitted in order to develop a personalized care plan that meets your needs.

During this interview, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information of a support person who may be different from the person to notify. 

Storage of valuable items

In order to preserve your property, we advise you not to bring valuable items with you, including jewelry, money or bank cards. 

The presence of an accompanying person

Only one accompanying person is allowed to stay with the patient.

Satisfaction assessment during your stay 

During your stay, a Quality Office team will pass by to ask questions about how satisfied you are with your stay at NDS. We appreciate knowing your remarks, your concerns and your suggestions regarding the services offered.

A box is put at your disposal at the entrance of each department in order to deposit the satisfaction assessment questionnaires you will find in the night table drawers in all hospital rooms.

Our aim is to listen to your needs and to improve our services by taking your remarks into account. 

Proposed services


You may receive and make phone calls directly from your room.

Phone costs will be automatically registered and invoiced at the end of your stay.


The TV in your room is operated using a remote control found in the night table drawer along with a list of the available TV channels, among which the button 1 is, a special channel devoted to NDS.

Mineral water

Bottled mineral water is put at your disposal.


Linen is provided by NDS and is changed on a daily basis.

Hospitalized patients’ charter

Respect for the dignity and personality of hospitalized patients is of central importance for NDS.

The Charter of Hospitalized Patients’ Rights is found in the night table drawer in all patients’ rooms (Link it to the Charter of Patients’ Rights).

Pain management

Pain management is a daily concern for our healthcare providers. Caregivers will assess your pain and offer the most appropriate means of treatment.

Information and consent

Throughout your stay, you will be provided with information regarding your health, potential treatment and tests, and the care you receive.

Informed consent is signed by the patient or a family member according to each case before any surgery, invasive procedure, or high-risk treatment administration. 

Access to the hospital record

If you wish to access your record, you should submit a request in this regard to your physician.

Smoking and drinking

NDS is a non-smoking hospital.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages within NDS.

Safety of persons

All fire safety regulations in force are respected and evacuation instructions are displayed in all circulation zones and common areas.

Please do not leave your room without informing the staff.

In order to increase your safety and the others, it is advisable to carefully read the instructions displayed in your room and to respect them.

Prevention of nosocomial infections

Healthcare professionals spare no effort to prevent and monitor nosocomial infections, particularly through the Committee for the Prevention of Nosocomial Infections (CLIN). Its efficiency is optimized thanks to nurses who possess hygiene and infection prevention skills, and who undertake training activities and perform assessments of standard good practices and precautions to the benefit of staff members.

As a hygienic measure, do not bring in or store perishable goods in your room.

Please maintain good personal hygiene, wash your hands and use the alcohol-based solutions available in hospitalization departments and public spaces, such as corridors, waiting areas, and polyclinics.

Respect for social life

You are kindly required to respect the other patients’ need to rest by abstaining from having any group visits, keeping the TV volume down, and taking care of the equipment put at your disposal during your stay. 

Complaints and suggestions from patients