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Your Admission

Your admission can be processed 24/7 at the Admitting Office, wherein the staff in charge handle your welcome, the reservation and management of beds, and the creation of your administrative file, which will provide total identification and avoid any confusion or shortcoming at any level from your admission to your discharge.

The following documents are required on the day of your admission: 

  • an ID

  • an admission request duly completed and signed by your attending physician 

  • an informed consent form duly completed and signed by you and the physician in the event of surgical intervention, invasive procedure, and high-risk treatment

  • the documents needed for your care by a third-party payment system (insurance, mutual fund or public body).

You are also kindly asked to complete – whether in person or by someone close to you – an admission form in which you should mention the hospitalization class and take responsibility for all costs and expenses. If you do not have total coverage, a deposit will be required. 

Scheduled Admission

In the event of a scheduled admission, you are kindly asked to come to the Admitting Office and present the admission request delivered by your attending physician in order to handle the reservation and gain additional information on your hospitalization (documents to submit upon your admission, preparation for hospitalization, pre-admission consultations and tests, pro forma invoice for medical prosthesis and supplies, estimated expenses, etc.). 

Emergency Admission

Emergency admission occurs via the ER where you will be immediately welcomed and taken care of by our medical and nursing teams. Admission formalities can be performed by someone close to you at the Admitting Office. 

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