Notre Dame Des Secours - Patients - - Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

Life within the hospital calls for upholding certain rules, which serve to make sure that all patients are comfortable and safe. You are kindly required to abide by the following:

  • smoking within NDS premises is strictly forbidden
  • please respect your neighbors’ right to rest by avoiding group visits and loud conversations, keeping the TV volume down, and asking your visitors to turn off their mobile phones
  • take care of the premises and equipment put at your disposal
  • respect hygiene conditions (washing your hands, wearing a mask, etc.) when requested
  • do not store perishable food items in your room
  • respect the general safety regulations displayed throughout the hospital or provided by the personnel
  • ask your loved ones not to bring in any plants or cut flowers, as some germs found in the soil or water may be dangerous for the patients
  • leave your jewelry and valuable items in the safe put at your disposal in the room or in the hospital safe.

Lost and Found items:

All valuables, found at NDS, will be deposited at the "Lost and Found Office", located on the ground floor.Anyone who finds an item, within or around the facility, must return it to the Lost and Found Office. The owner claiming a found object, must prove its ownership. Before any return of the object, the office verifies by any useful means its property. The shelf-life of the found objects is six months from the date of its deposition.

The hospital is not to be held responsible for any loss and/or theft. 

Complaints and suggestions from patients