Notre Dame Des Secours - Services - - HEMATOLOGY/ONCOLOGY


The mission of the Hematology/Oncology service, which was established in 1985, is to provide care to patients suffering from various types of cancers, it is considered one of the top 4 anti-cancerous centers in Lebanon.

It consists of two units:

  1. Hospitalization unit with 23 beds including 4 isolation beds working according to international recommendations. This unit treats the cancer pathologies of the various systems of the body (digestive, urological, ENT, respiratory, gynecological ...) and malignant hematological diseases such as lymphomas, leukemia’s ...
  2. Day hospitalization unit with 20 beds, working 5 days / 7 and receiving close to 300 patients/month.

The NDS Hematology Oncology Service consists of nine remarkable oncologists, two radiotherapists, a radio physicist, four technicians, and ninteen oncology nurses who provide the patients with safe, high-quality care.

 This service contributes to the teaching of medical interns complementing their internship imposed by the USEK School of Medicine and Medical Sciences and is responsible for the training of Onco-Hematology specialty residents according to a program established by the same school.

The service works according to the international therapeutic indications and the decisions are taken following a multidisciplinary consultation (weekly meeting of various committees). 

The Hemato-Oncology Service participates in several international studies and research program and has been elected the best center in the Middle East for the study of the prevention of thromboembolic accidents during anticancer treatment.