Notre Dame Des Secours - Services - - EMERGENCY


The recently renovated Emergency Division at NDS remains one of the best emergency departments in the region. Its high-level ER specialists are well trained to provide 24/7 care covering all medical and surgical pathologies. The department welcomes more than 18,000 patients every year and is close to a well-equipped technical platform providing speedy access to a wide variety of paramedical services.

The Division is divided into functional areas:

1) A welcome area

2) A care area:

  • Resuscitation room (2 beds)
  • Four multipurpose rooms (8 beds)
  • Two trauma rooms (2 beds)
  • Isolation room

3) A short-stay hospital unit area, which is earmarked for patients awaiting a hospital bed.

4) A pediatric welcome area composed of four examination rooms.

An ER physician is present at the premises at all times along with residents and interns.