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We thank you for your confidence in our medical center. A hospital stay is never easy but we will ensure that it happens under the best possible conditions. You can rest assured that our medical, healthcare and accommodation teams will do all they can so that you benefit from quality care and services.

The administration, the medical staff, and the entire staff of NDS wish you a speedy and full recovery. 

Charter of patients' rights 

Law n° 574 dated 13/02/2004

  1. The first right (humanitarian and moral law) consists of providing endangered patients with the care they need until this danger dissipates, without asking questions regarding their religion, nationality, or financial or moral condition.

  2. Patients are entitled to unrestricted information regarding their health, as well as regarding the care, services, treatments,   and procedures proposed during their hospital stay. They are also entitled to give their prior consent in this respect.

  3. Patients are entitled to have their privacy and the confidentiality of their medical and social information respected.

  4. Patients are entitled to refuse any medical act or treatment.

  5. Patients are entitled to have a medical record or a documented medical reference regarding their health and treatment modalities.

  6. Patients are entitled to be aware of all the services offered at the hospital, including visiting hours, meal times, and the facilities that provide them with a comfortable stay.

  7. Patients are entitled to stay in a clean and calm environment, wherein it is forbidden to smoke, shout, talk loudly, or bring children along to visits.

  8. Patients are entitled to know the costs of their treatments and to obtain the documents, invoices, and receipts regarding their stay.

  9. Patients are entitled to express their grievances and objections and to submit their comments in order to improve the care they receive.

Complaints and suggestions from patients