Notre Dame Des Secours - Services - - GASTROENTEROLOGY


The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department provides quality care to hospitalized and ambulatory patients. This internationally-renowned department is also teaching and research-oriented.

Our department provides endoscopy and functional explorations of excellent quality using the most advanced of materials for a wide array of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (EMR, ESD, ERCP, Enteroscopy, Manometry, PH-meter, capsule, Fibfroscan, colorectal procedures, gastrostomy and gastro-jejunostomy, ligation and various hemostasis procedures, etc.). As such, it acts as a reference center with tertiary and international recruitment.

Following their recent renovation, our endoscopy facilities are in accordance with international standards, especially with regard to access, respect for patients’ privacy, sterilization, and storage.

The department undergoes continuous development and we are planning to acquire imminently an endoscopic ultrasound, and high definition proctology equipment.

On the educational level, the department provides training to USEK residents, interns, non-resident students, and nurses, in addition to organizing international scientific conferences, such as the BIDW, and undertaking clinical research activities covering various areas of its specialty.