Notre Dame Des Secours - FAQS

Can patients over 64 years of age who do not benefit from any convention insurance coverage be hospitalized at the expense of the Ministry of Public Health?

All patients over 64 years of age with no insurance coverage, may be hospitalized, at the expense of the Ministry of Public Health.


Are children and adults admitted to the same emergency service?

Upon arriving at the ER, children will be admitted to the pediatric emergency room, that is equipped to accommodate children under 12 years,  whereas adults will be admitted to the adults’ ER.

Is the technical platform and the laboratories available available 24/24?

Medical imagery and lab tests can be performed 24/24 and 7/7.  in case of emergency. As for the non-urgent cases, it is available for precise opening hours.

Before any surgical procedure, what are the steps to follow?

Before any surgical procedure, a qualified team takes care of you in order to prepare the administrative documents and perform the blood tests and medical imagery needed before surgery, in addition to consultations by cardiologists and anesthetists, as well, all the information for a good preparation will be provided to you.

How many people are allowed to stay overnight with the patient?

Only one person is allowed to stay overnight with the patient. 

Can we get advice on diet and nutrition?

Qualified dietitians are here to answer all your inquiries regarding healthy diets and specific diets. They can also welcome you for a consultation at the outpatient clinics. 

Is NDS a “baby-friendly” hospital?

NDS is a “baby-friendly” hospital, by taking care of mothers and newborns and encouraging breastfeeding. 

Is there a procedure to educate mothers on various baby-related issues, such as care, bathing, and breastfeeding?

Parents benefit from childbirth preparation sessions and parenthood, as of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Mothers also benefit from post-partum education sessions, conducted by midwives, on breastfeeding, newborn hygiene care, and maternal care. 

Are children permitted to visit patients at NDS?

Children under 12 years of age are not allowed within NDS , for their own safety and protection. 

Why are visiting hours limited?

Visiting hours are limited in order to allow: patients to rest, nurses to provide care and treatment. and housekeeping teams to clean the patients’ rooms. 

Is Wi-Fi connection available at NDS?

Wi-Fi is available at NDS. it is free of charge in the single rooms of the SPP service and payable in the other rooms. Prepaid vouchers are available in the cafeteria.

How do I submit a complaint or suggestion?

If you have any complaint or suggestion:

  • dial 7707, 7706,or 7454.
  • complete the satisfaction questionnaires available in the room(drawer) or on the website.
  • communicate your complaint to the quality office team who passes to ask if you have any complaints
  • drop off your form in the boxes dedicated to this purpose

Can we have brochures on the hygiene and the transmission of infectious diseases?

Brochures are available to patients and their families regarding infectious diseases, and hand hygiene ...