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The NDS laboratories and blood transfusion center operate under the supervision of Associate Professor Christian Haddad, President of the Syndicate of Biologists in Lebanon. They are affiliated with the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and provide training to USEK medicine students as well as to other trainees from various universities. Work in the laboratories is based on respect for the patients and ethics.

Priority is given to the quality of services and to the efficient and speedy analysis and delivery of results.

The administration of NDS has paid particular attention to laboratories as they constitute nowadays a major and indispensable player in the care pathway.

The architecture of our facilities was totally revamped this year and we now have spacious and modern premises in keeping with the latest requirements set by international standards. These premises offer the best and newest diagnostic tools (automatons) and cutting-edge technologies in the service of physicians and patients.

Frequent “routine” analyses are fully automated and all automatons are linked in duplex mode to the hospital’s central IT system, providing optimal quality and traceability.

The organization of the laboratories, the biomedical skills of their teams, and quality assurance procedures are natural guarantees for reliable and speedy results. Results for 90%of the analyses we perform are delivered on the same day.

The hospital also offers exclusive specialized techniques and analysis requests are sent to us from all over Lebanon. We are pioneers – among other things – in molecular biology, in multiplex technologies that enable us to look for several pathogens at once, in diagnosing mutant tumors, and in mutant cytometry. Our team of specialists is composed of Georges Abdel Nour, M.D., Head of Bacteriology, and Nadim Hassoun, M.D., Head of Special Biochemistry. They work alongside the Director Christian Haddad, M.D., in order to consolidate the essential importance of biology in the care pathway and are always ready to answer the questions of the clinicians on our multidisciplinary care team, which gives our institution its strength.

Our blood transfusion center was recognized by a group of French experts commissioned by the Ministry of Public Health as an international-level center thanks to its organization and equipment, which are one of the best currently existing. It is open 24/7 to all volunteer blood and blood platelets donors.

Our leadership position in the field of biological diagnosis is illustrated by our participation in various published research works and international specialist conferences.

Our key asset remains efficiency, reliability, and speed along with personalized care that listens to the patients’ needs.