Notre Dame Des Secours - Services - - PEDIATRIC SURGERY


The Pediatric Surgery Unit is part of the NDS Pediatrics Departmentas they both share the same beds, caregivers and especially the passion for treating sick children in a physically and psychologically adequate environment.

Pediatric surgeons provide care for illnesses requiring surgery in newborns and children of (theoretically) up to 18 years of age in various fields, such as visceral surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, cancer surgery, pediatric gynecology and, especially, neonatal surgery which surgeons handle even before childbirth in collaboration with obstetricians, neonatal resuscitation staff, and pediatricians, hence the availability of antenatal staff and consultations.

In addition to covering emergencies at the NDS ER, the pediatric surgeon works alongside pediatricians and ER physicians at the hospital.

The Pediatric Surgery Unit cares deeply for the well-being of children and, as such, it is part of the child protection unit that was recently established within the hospital.

Lebanese children are entitled, just as other children in advanced countries, to be treated by physicians, nurses and surgeons in a physically, psychologically and morally adapted atmosphere. This is our motto and our objective.