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Spiritual and Psychological support

Spiritual Support: 

It is in moments of great suffering that man, faced with illness, finds himself confronted with a great dilemma: how should he understand the illness of a loved one or his own illness and accept it? How to relieve the ailments of the body as much as those of the mind? How can one acquire this tranquility that is not found elsewhere than in faith, that unshakeable faith, an inescapable remedy for every trial ...

Within NDS, it is the chaplaincy who is in charge of helping the patient and his relatives, and to ensure, throughout this spiritual journey, the essential services to everyone in search of truth: 

Chaplaincy is a priori a messenger of love, the infinite Love of God for all mankind, 

It is proof of the union of God with man in the disease and in all circumstances, 

It is a hope in the sacrament of anointing,

It witnesses the metamorphosis of human nature, puny and dubious, into an infallible strength and faith, thanks to the Eucharist, 

It is the refuge, the safe place of every man who seeks to fight his uncertainties in the inexhaustible graces of the holy spirit.

Psychological Support: 

It is necessary to mention that this spiritual support is accompanied by another support, namely Psychological Support, since health psychology has become an area of specialization in modern medical care, research, and education combining approaches psychosocial issues with medical prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Research shows that visits to physicians are generally accompanied by underlying psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression. This, together with research demonstrating the link between thinking, behavior, and illness, helps to explain why health psychologists are increasingly called upon to provide a brief, targeted interventions to a patient with a wide range of medical disorders.

Our goals

Psychologists at NDS work to:

  • promote adaptation/adjustment of the patient 
  • have a positive impact on the patient's length of stay in the hospital 
  • developing working relationships and collaborations with team members from all healthcare disciplines

Our services

We work to meet the patients need with various problems of all ages and medical conditions (maternity, pediatrics, oncology, dialysis, cardiology, internal medicine, bariatric surgery, etc.). 

  • coping with illness/disability, removing emotional barriers for proper self-management 
  • help patients/families adapt to chronic and terminal illness/disability 
  • assist patients/families when medical problems result in significant lifestyle changes 
  • evaluate candidates for bariatric surgical procedures 
  • help patients adapt to changes in their body image 
  • help patients with the necessary medical treatment 
  • promote a positive relationship between physician and patient 
  • assisting mourners 
  • respond to crises 
  • assess the risk of suicide 
  • personality assessment, cognitive and behavioral assessment 
  • understanding the experience of illness in the context of family and personal relationships 
  • help patients with behavioral, mood or anxiety disorders affecting their adaptation or adjustment to the disease 
  • create a meaning or purpose in the experience of suffering and sickness 
  • therapeutic education 
  • therapeutic play (children) 
  • family support
  • stress management

We work with several multidisciplinary treatment teams and program development at the hospital